Exhibitors, speakers, and moderators can attend live training sessions hosted by a JUNO representative.

Our trainers use a standard JUNO site. Outside of the training session, your event organizer might give more instruction specific to your event.

How it works

Sessions happen at regular times every week, in a Zoom conference room. You only need to attend one session. Choose a day and time that work best for you. It will be recorded so you can rewatch it later.

There's no need to let us know you’re coming ahead of time. Just show up! If no one arrives within the first ten minutes, we cancel the session.

(tick) Click here to enter the training room during any scheduled time. This link directs you to Zoom (meeting ID 547 600 5563). You’ll enter a waiting room, then your trainer will let you in.

(tick) Click here to view recordings. Your trainer will give you a password to access your recording. It will be available for about two months for you to rewatch as needed.

All sessions are about 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

Trainings falling on major holidays may be cancelled, including Thanksgiving and the week before and after Christmas.

Tuesdays, 8 AM PT
Thursdays, 3 PM PT

Speakers and moderators
Tuesdays, 3 PM PT
Thursdays, 8 AM PT

What to expect

We welcome you to ask questions during the session! To prepare, check out the example training outlines and recordings below. Or see common questions in our Exhibitor and sponsor FAQ and Speaker and moderator FAQ. Remember, some questions are event-specific and can be answered by your event organizer.

Included in both trainings

Navigate the site



Login page

  • The first page you see

  • Log in with the information you were given

Home page

  • First screen after logging in

  • You’re now able to use a direct link to access a session


  • Navigate to the schedule (depends on how the site is set up)

  • Scroll to find a session

  • Search for a session by name

  • Look through each day of the event

  • Add to your JUNO schedule

  • Add to your personal/work calendar

  • “Time until live” countdown

  • Joining early for the greenroom

  • Click to join the session

Set up your computer and personal profile



Profile page

  • Navigate to the profile page

  • Add your profile image

  • Change your password

  • Add additional information (Social media)

  • Add availability (Daily hours and blackout dates/times)

  • Select tags

  • Test your setup

  • Save

Technical tips

  • Browser recommendations

  • Close as many programs as possible

  • Only have 1 JUNO tab open

  • Minimize the number of devices on the network

  • Don’t use a VPN

  • Use an ethernet cable if possible

For exhibitors only

Get to know your exhibitor suite



Exhibit section

  • Navigate to the exhibit section (depends on how the site is set up)

  • Locate specific exhibitors by scrolling or searching

  • Click to enter an exhibitor suite

Your exhibitor suite

  • Overview of a completed exhibitor suite, including what each section of the suite is called

  • Schedule/Talk Now capabilities

  • In-suite messaging

  • Visitor awareness

  • Download analytics

  • Where to find the Edit button

Edit your exhibitor suite



Information tab

  • Intro: The first text area with basic text editing tools such as images and lists

  • Description: The second text area, plus inserting questions

  • Images: Where each image shows up and recommended sizes

  • Actions: Turn on/off buttons such as complete, favorite, and the ability to comment

  • Status: Always keep your suite active so people can find it

  • Tags: Increase discoverability by suggesting the page to users who have similar tags in their profile

Rotators tab

  • Add rotators

  • Add images with redirects and recommended sizes

  • Add a video hosted elsewhere

  • Edit an existing Rotator, or re-order them

Representatives tab

  • Add representatives from your team to your suite

  • Give a representative a role or Admin rights

Resources tab

  • How to add resources

  • File types and maximum sizes

  • Add a thumbnail image and recommended sizes

  • Edit an existing Resource, or re-order them

Questions tab

  • Add a question

  • Different types of questions

Sessions tab

  • Connect sessions to your suite

  • Remove sessions from your suite

  • Where sessions show up (two locations)

Meta Data tab

  • Add new contact info

  • Where meta data shows up (two locations)

Products tab

  • Add a product

  • Brief description of each section in the “Add or Update” dialogue

Greetings tab

  • Where the greetings show up

  • Create greetings for targeted visitors

  • How/why specific greetings can be used for leads

Analytics tab

  • Overview of Analytics

  • Tags and pie chart

  • View top visitors

  • Download analytics

For speakers and moderators only

Live stream



Going live

  • Turning on the camera or microphone will put you on-screen

  • Clicking the microphone will show your profile image

  • Turning on your camera will not unmute you

  • You will stay on screen after turning both off

  • Leave the stage completely with the “leave” option

Screen sharing

  • Share an entire screen

  • Share specific program windows

  • Share a Chrome tab (required for a video with audio)

  • Briefly touch on PowerPoint options/optimization

  • End screen sharing

Additional options

  • Go fullscreen

  • Change microphone/camera input

  • Leave the session (watch from off-screen, or leave to the homepage)

Engage with the audience




  • How attendees can interact with emojis


  • How to send messages

  • Chat is visible to everyone


  • Attendees can type questions

  • Q&A is visible to everyone unless the moderation option is turned on

  • How to moderate the Submitted and Posted sections

  • Liking questions

  • Ask presenter, Mark as answered, Type an answer


  • Submit polls before the session goes live

  • Post polls for attendees

Moderate sessions



Moderating sessions

  • Set up breakouts

  • Mute individual/all speakers

  • Remove individual/all users from the screen

  • Remove a message

  • Kick and Ban users

Mod Chat

  • Functionally the same as Chat

  • Visible only to Moderators/Speakers/JUNO Staff

  • We recommend watching this chat during the session

  • JUNO staff will be watching this chat for issues

An example exhibitor training. Recorded on JUNO version 1.9.

An example speaker and moderator training. Recorded on JUNO version 1.9.