About the greenroom

Speakers and moderators should enter your session before it starts. This time is called the greenroom. Usually, it’s thirty minutes early, but this might vary. Your event organizer can confirm the exact time.

Use the greenroom time to check your microphone, camera, and screen sharing. Make sure to Allow Access to your camera and microphone if prompted. Attendees can’t hear or see you until the session starts.

We suggest completing your greenroom time several minutes early. Some attendees' computer clocks are set a few minutes ahead, so they might be able to enter the session early and see people in the greenroom. Because we can’t control users' clocks, the best practice is to turn off cameras and microphones early. You can still chat privately in the Mod tab.

Check Remaining Greenroom Time

A timer in the top-left corner of the session tells you how much time is left until the session goes live.

Transitioning out of the greenroom when there is pre-roll video

Some sessions have a pre-roll video that plays before speakers go live. Here’s what to expect:

1. Watch the video…

  1. Your camera and microphone will automatically turn off 30 seconds before the pre-roll video starts. Note: This time frame could be different depending on how the site was set up. The camera and microphone icons in the control bar disappear, but they will reappear when it’s time to get ready.

    1. If your session is streamed in by third-party production company, your video and audio will be turned off at “0” seconds instead of 30 seconds early.

  2. The pre-roll video will automatically start playing. The video is X minutes long. (The length will vary.) You will watch the video along with the attendees.

2. Get ready…

  1. When there are 30 seconds left in the video, it will disappear from your view and a 30-second timer will appear. Note: This time frame could be different depending on the platform’s configuration.

  2. Turn on your camera and microphone if you are the first speaker(s) in the session. Moderators, support staff, or anyone who presents later in the session should not do this.

  3. Wait! Watch the countdown timer located in the top left corner of the screen. Attendees can’t see or hear you until that timer reaches zero.

This is what you will see during the 30-second countdown. Even though your screen is black, attendees still see the video.

3. Go live!

When the countdown reaches zero, speakers can begin presenting. We’re now live, so attendees can see and hear anyone who has their camera and microphone on.

If you present later in the session, you will turn your camera and microphone on when it’s time for you to speak.