This solution works best with a solid color backdrop (green screen). When using virtual backgrounds make sure you are not wearing anything green or shiny.

How to set up OBS

  1. Install OBS (

  2. Click the ‘+’ to add a Scene to the Scenes Block (name it JunoCam-VBG) and Click OK

  3. Click the ‘+’ in the Sources Block and select Video Capture Device

  4. Select Create new (name it Camera) then Click OK

  5. Select your camera from the Device drop-down list and click OK

  6. Right Click the source you just made and select Filters

  7. Click ‘+’ in the Effect Filters block and select ‘chroma key’ and Click Close

  8. Drag the desired background picture stored on your computer and drop it in the Sources box

Add a checkmark to Deactivate when not showing if using more than one Scene setup.

You might need to adjust the Similarity slider to get Greenscreen to fade away.

Make sure the picture you just added is at the bottom of the list.

How to use OBS with a JUNO session

  1. Open OBS and select the desired Scene

  2. Click Start Virtual Camera

  3. Open a Juno session

  4. Click JOIN

  5. Click Video + Audio

  6. Click SRC

  7. Select ‘OBS Virtual Camera’ from the Choose Video Source dropdown menu

  8. Select the desired Microphone from the Choose Microphone dropdown

  9. Click Save