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Help Chat User Guide

Initiate a Chat Conversation using the Help Chat tool

  1. Select your profile icon, then select Help Chat. Or find the Help icon in the bottom-right corner of the page.

  2. Use the message box to enter some words describing the topic you need assistance with

  3. Rephrase your question if you are presented with no solutions or if the solutions presented do not seem to address your issue

  4. If you are still having issues click ‘I’d prefer to speak with a live agent’

Images and screenshots can be uploaded to better describe and display the issue using the paperclip icon in the chat box.

The Help Chat tool will reply with helpful information that can be clicked on and potentially solve the issue. It may also ask you to rephrase the topic you are needing assistance with.

 Once the conversation has concluded, the Live Agent will Close the conversation and return you to the automated Help Chat tool.

If you wish to speak with a Live Agent again or to use the automated Help Chat tool, type ‘start’.

You may also access the Help Chat tool at the login screen of the platform/before you log in. Clicking on the chat bubble icon at the bottom right of this page will access the tool.

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