Learn how to log in on your desktop or mobile phone.

Login begins with a welcome email

The easiest way to log in is by following the instructions in your welcome email. You’ll receive it before the event.

If you lost or never received a welcome email, you can get a new magic link to log in.

Everything you need is included in that email, so hold onto it! We recommend:

  • Save the email in an important place in your inbox.

  • Make sure that you always have access to the email address that you’re registered under. If your login has to be reset, a new email will be sent to that email address. For example, if you're registered under your work email, make sure that you can access it from your desktop or phone.

How would you like to log in?

Choose an option to see detailed instructions and troubleshooting steps:

If you are using the mobile app, the magic link is the only way to log in.

An example welcome email. (Click to expand.)