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JUNO Learning Updates 2023-07-13

Release date: July 13th, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our learning management tools. 

Reminder about past releases

Exciting update: vNow and vNext are now synchronized! This ensures that clients receive the most up-to-date versions of both every week. Take a look at the newest enhancements for vNow here.


E-commerce PLATFORM

In Das Admin, you now have a centralized interface for managing your products. This intuitive user interface streamlines the product management process, allowing admins to easily create, edit, and search for products on the dedicated Products page. The platform supports various product types, including course access, site access, education credits, and bundles. This flexibility allows clients to offer various products that align with their specific business models and offerings. Whether you're selling access to courses, providing site access, offering education credits, or creating product bundles, JUNO can accommodate your needs.

The Product page in Das Admin

Customization of pricing levels to cater to different customer segments

The Pricing Levels section enables admins to create distinct pricing tiers based on user groups or access levels. This functionality allows clients to offer tailored pricing options to different segments of their user base. For instance, you can set discounted prices for premium members or create special rates for specific user groups. By implementing Pricing Levels, clients can provide more targeted and flexible pricing options to meet the diverse needs of their users.

showing the pricing level tab and adding users to a specific pricing level

Access pass management for controlling access to content

The access pass management feature allows the admin to control who has access to specific content. Admins can associate access passes with specific users and content, set price levels for different groups, and manage user access within Das Admin. This enables clients to offer different levels of content access based on user permissions and purchase history.

Highlighting the Connect Content section within a product where a variety of content can be added

The Integration of Stripe in Das Admin and Test Mode

By integrating your business Stripe account with the Das Admin platform, admins can connect and manage product data and pricing levels directly from one centralized interface. This seamless integration ensures smooth synchronization and data transfer between the platforms, enabling efficient management of Stripe account settings and transactions without switching between multiple systems. Additionally, Das Admin now offers a Test Purchase feature that allows clients to simulate the user experience before launching their products. With the ability to configure test API keys and utilize test cards, clients can thoroughly test the functionality and performance of their platform, ensuring a flawless user experience upon launch.

Products section shows the Test Purchase feature and the option to connect to Stripe


Mobile updates LEARNING

  • Certificates are now downloadable as PDF files on both the mobile app and web platforms.

  • The countdown bar for timed lessons is now positioned directly above the bottom nav for mobile users.

Clients with wide bottom navs will need to make adjustments so mobile users can see the timer.

  • Added ability to download and save Resources on mobile from Learning Courses.

Backend work PLATFORM

  • Added the functionality to allow admins to synchronize all user tags, ensuring user tags are synched between vNext and vNow platforms.



  • Fixed an issue where transcripts were not downloading correctly to mobile devices.

Lesson parts LEARNING

  • Corrected an issue where all video controls were not visible when the viewing threshold was set to 0.

E-commerce PLATFORM

  • Fixed an issue with e-commerce where credits and price levels were not reflecting accurately. If the member trying to access a CE has not been placed into a pricing level, they are redirected back to their site admin.

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