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v2.10(35) Update

Release date: July 17th, 2023

This release includes enhancements for our virtual and live events platform.

Reminder about past releases

Exciting update: vNow and vNext are now synchronized! This ensures that clients receive the most up-to-date versions of both every week. Take a look at the newest enhancements for vNext here.


Back-end work PLATFORM

  • Configured Alerting on Juno Data ETL.

  • Implemented system architecture documentation and prepared a comprehensive strategy, including predefined actions, to address queue overflow, ensuring proactive management and maintenance of system performance.

  • Implemented the ability to redirect Users with URL parameters to external links based on Tags for a specific client.

  • Created a database table to track the state of each user throughout their sub-breakout journey, making entries for every step and automatically triggering a resend if any users are left behind during the process to address the issue with not all users being sent to sub-breakouts.

  • Implemented social accounts dimension accurate syncing for users on a specific client database, resolving the issue of incorrect syncing caused by notation inconsistencies.


Sessions EVENTS

  • Fixed an issue where lengthy titles and abstracts would overlap with the Attending list in session tiles on the schedule page.

  • Fixed issue in Direct Messages where leaving a conversation with multiple active threads left the conversation visible in the main viewport; now, leaving a conversation removes it from both the thread list and the main viewport, enhancing user experience.

Mobile app PLATFORM

  • Resolved an unresponsive tabnav when side-scrolling on the app and web, allowing for seamless navigation and access to tabnav content on mobile and desktop devices.

  • Fixed issues with a specific client's magic link and login buttons on mobile.

Continuing education (legacy version) EVENTS

  • Fixed an issue with the CME syncing process when users already have some records.

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