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JUNO v2 Create and Edit Sessions

As a site admin, you can create and edit sessions on the sessions page under the content section within the site Admin. This guide will walk you through the steps to build edit sessions efficiently.


Navigating to the Sessions section of the Site Admin.

Locating the session page in the site admin

  1. In the admin dashboard, locate the side navigation menu, select Sessions from the navigation items, and you'll be taken to the Session Catalog page.

Search for or create a session.

  1. You can scroll to search or use the search bar to locate and enter a specific session to edit it or Select Create a Session at the top left corner to create a new session.

    • A pop-up window will appear where you can add a title and slug for the new session.

      • Title: is required (character limit 90).

      • Slug: is auto-generated from the title and must be unique (character limit 90).

      • Add the Start Date: The date and time the session will start (required)

      • Add the End Date: The date and time the session will end (required)

    • You can select Cancel to exit the popup or Create to create the session.


Creating a new Session.

Editing a session

  • To edit an existing session, select the session grid item.

  • You'll be directed to the session information page, where you can edit various details.

  • Editable fields include title, slug, preview text, description, and more.

  • You can save changes or discard them.


Editing a Session in the Site Admin.

Session settings

  • You can make the session active through a checkbox, which defaults to checked and active.

  • Add Dates and Times for the session.

    • Release Date and Time: The date and time the session will appear on the front end for users.

    • Start Date and Time: The date and time the session will start.

    • End Date and Time: The date and time the session will end.

  • Room type

  • Display label

    • Display label: Not required (character limit 30).

  • Location

    • Specify whether the session is in person through a checkbox.

      • Enter a specific location.

  • Images

    • Add images to the session, including Icon/list and Banner images.

    • Accepted file types and recommended image sizes:

  • Interaction options

    • Manage interaction options like Chat Panel and Q&A to allow attendees to ask questions.

  • Moderation

    • Moderation options are located under images on the left-hand side.

    • You can expand the collapsible box for moderation.

    • Options include allowing raised hands, specifying user roles, and adding presenters, moderators, and attendees.

    • Attendees sync with front-end users and are indicated by a blinking effect upon save.

Additional tips:

  • Ensure to adhere to character limits and recommended image sizes for optimal display.

  • Regularly review and update session information as needed.

  • Utilize the search functionality to find specific sessions within the catalog quickly.

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