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Course functionality constraints

This article is about the new JUNO learning management system (LMS). If you don’t see these features on your site, your platform still uses the legacy JUNO courses.

Courses are the first, exciting introduction to our new Learning offering! As an evolving feature, they are not yet fully integrated with some existing JUNO functionality. We intend to add this functionality in future releases as we continue to enhance courses. Please talk to your Success Manager about any ideas or desires you have for courses on your platform.

For now, please be aware of the following constraints.

  • Can't recommend courses based on users' interest tags.

  • Can’t pull courses into rotator, grid, or list modules on existing site pages. Instead, separate course catalog pages are dedicated to displaying only courses. Course catalog pages can include multiple modules with various layouts, just like other site pages. And you can have multiple course catalog pages. (For example, a page for on-demand courses and a page for time-bound courses.) Here are our recommendations for helping users find your courses:

    • Prominently display course catalog pages in your primary navigation bar.

    • To highlight individual courses on existing site pages, create a link to them from blurbs, billboards, or on-demand content.

  • Can’t lock courses with access level tags. But note that by setting up a course to require enrollment requests, you can still prevent people from starting a course unless you enroll them.

  • Can’t preview courses while logged out on a public preview site.

  • Downloadable analytics reports for courses are different from the ones on the existing platform. Analytics reports pulled from the existing platform don’t include data from the new courses. But note that the data is still stored in the database; The ability to get this data is a feature on the roadmap.

Note that these features do integrate with existing JUNO functionality:

  • Gamification points for actions on courses do contribute to your existing leaderboard.

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