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View information about your learners and courses

As a manager or administrator of courses, you can view information about all of your learners and courses in a dashboard. You can also download or request reports with detailed information.

Who can see the dashboard?

  • Site admins see all learners and courses in the dashboard.

  • Managers only see learners who are part of their admin group and courses which those learners are enrolled in or waitlisted for. Any numbers on the dashboard only reflect their learners, not all learners.

Learners have dashboards too, but they show different information. If you are a site admin or manager as well as a learner, you have multiple dashboards. Select Learner from the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard to see courses you are taking as a learner.

Open the course dashboard

Select your profile image in the top-right corner of the navigation bar. Then select My Courses. This opens the course dashboard, where you can find the following information about your learners and courses.

Make sure the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard says Admin or Manager (depending on your role). If you are also a learner, you can select Learner from the dropdown menu to see your personal course information.

In 'my profile' under the 'my courses' tab, the 'admin' role is selected at the top of the dashboard. Below, there is a long list of learners.

The course dashboard.

Search the dashboard

The list of courses or learners might be very long. In the Learners tab, you can filter the list by typing a name or email into the search bar. Or in the Courses tab, search for courses by title.

View learner courses and transcripts

In the Learners tab, you can see your learners' names, emails, and the number of courses they are enrolled in (including courses that have ended). Select the More (3 dots) icon next to a learner to download the following reports about their grades and current courses.

Report name

What it reports

Learner transcript

Courses the learner completed. Includes the learner’s information, the course information, their grade, and the number of course credits earned.

Learners can also download their own transcript.

Current courses

All of the learner’s in-progress and completed courses. Courses that have ended aren’t included.

Includes the learner’s information, course information, their progress percentage or date completed, and grade and credits earned (if completed).

In the 'learners' tab, the listing for one learner is highlighted. Their name, email, and number of courses are shown.

The Learners tab

View courses, enrollment, and waitlists

In the Courses tab, you can see course names, start and end dates/times, and how many learners are enrolled or waitlisted. (For managers, this number only includes learners who are part of your admin group.)

To go directly to a course from the dashboard, select the More (3 dots) icon next to the course then select Go to course.

To download a report with more details about the course and its learners, select the More (3 dots) icon then select Download Course Details.

Report name

What it reports

Download course details

All of the learners who are enrolled or on the waitlist for that course. Includes learner information and the following dates, if relevant:

  • Enrollment date

  • Waitlisted date

  • Date they started the course

  • Date they completed the course

In the 'courses' tab, the listing for one course is highlighted. It shows the title, start and end date, and enrolled and waitlisted counts.

The Courses tab.

Additional reports by request

Who can access these reports?

Site organizers can request these from the JUNO team.

The following reports are available by request. They can contain either:

  • All courses for all time

  • Or only specified courses. (Provide a list of the course names.)

Report name

What it reports

Students enrolled by course

How many learners are enrolled in each course. Includes each learner’s information, the course name, and when they started and completed the course (if they have done so).

Students on waitlist by course

How many learners are waitlisted for each course. Includes each course name and each learner’s information.

Students from each school per course

For each course, how many learners from each admin group are enrolled. It’s shown as a total number, without individual learner information.

Questions answered by learner

For each course, every question that learners answered. It includes each learner’s information, their response, and whether it was correct or incorrect.

Student transcripts

Grades for each course that learners completed. It includes each learner’s information, their course grade, and course credits.

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