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Attaching access passes to courses

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of attaching access passes to courses and enabling learners to access these courses by purchasing access passes or being directed to third-party URLs for further instructions or purchases. Depending on your preferences, you can configure access passes to interact with courses differently to meet your specific needs.

you must have at least one Access Pass set up in order to attach it to a course. Learn more about setting up access passes.

Attaching an Access Pass to a Course

Attaching an access pass from this section in Das admin ensures learners interact with the access pass before gaining access to the course and subsequent (if attached EC credit)

Accessing course selection

  1. From the Course Editor section, choose the course you want to attach an access pass,

  2. Alternatively, you can enter the course you want to edit and select the Course Editor.

Entering the Course Editor from inside a course.

Navigating to the Rules Section

  1. Once in the selected course, scroll down to the Rules section on the Course Information page.

The rules section inside the course Editor.

Enabling Access Level Restriction

  1. Within the Rules section, locate and toggle on the Restrict enrolling by Access Level option.

Access Pass Selection

  1. As a result of toggling the above option, a drop-down menu labeled Access Pass will appear.

  2. Select the access pass from the drop-down to attach to the course.

Selecting an Access pass from the dropdown inside the course editor.

Attached acess passes should have similar functionality and must either contain URLs or be connected to products.

For Example:

  • You Can attach multiple access passes with individual URLs to the same education credit.

  • You Can attach multiple access passes with products connected to the same education credit.

  • You Cannot attach access passes with URLs and access passes connected to products to the same education credit.

Restricting the Course Preview

  1. Optionally, you can enable the additional toggle to restrict access to the course preview until learners interact with the attached access pass.

    • Enabling this option ensures learners engage with the access pass before accessing the course's preview content.

Restricting access to the course preview in the Course Editor.

Confirmation and Completion

  1. Check that you have selected the correct Access Pass from the dropdown.

  1. Ensure you select the Save button that will populate in the right-hand corner once any changes have been made to save them.

The Save and Discard buttons.

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