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Attaching an education credit to a course in the course editor

This guide will walk you through attaching an Education Credit to a course using the Course Editor.

Attaching an education credit from the course editor

Navigate to the course information tab

  1. Open the Course Editor from the course catalog, select the course you want to attach the education credit, and access its Course Information page.

  2. Alternatively, from the course catalog list, if you can see the course you want to attach an EC to, you can select the Course, enter the Course Editor from inside that course, and access that Course’s Information page.

Options for entering the course editor.

Locate the education credit section and select an education credit

  1. Look for the section dedicated to Education Credits on the Course Information page.

  2. Use the Education Credits dropdown to select and attach an EC to the course.

Selecting the Education Credit(s) dropdown in the Course Editor.

Confirmation and completion

  1. Check that you have selected the correct education credit from the dropdown.

The save or discard buttons.

Ensure you select the Save button that will populate in the right-hand corner once any changes have been made to save them.

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