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Creating Education Credits (EC) in Das Admin

A note for Site Admins: Full access to Das admin is coming soon! Check back later for updates.

Continuing Education Credits (EC) allow learners to earn credit for completing specific courses or content. This step-by-step guide will walk you through setting up an Education credit in Das admin.

Creating an education credit

  1. Navigate to the Education Credits page through the admin tools dashboard.

  2. Select the Create an Education Credit button at the top.

  3. Give your EC a title (maximum 90 characters) in the Credit Title field.

  4. Select Create Education Credit to complete the initial setup.

Creating a new education credit in Das admin.

Adding credit information

  1. After creating the education credit in Das admin, you are auto-navigated into the credit info page for the credit you created.

  2. On the Credit Info tab, you can change or update the Credit Title and add a Credit Description (maximum 78 characters) to describe the education credit. This description is visible from the list view in Das admin. Set up the release and claimable dates, add Tag(s), attach certificates and access passes (continue reading for detailed instructions for each section).

Ensure you select the Save button that will populate in the right-hand corner once any changes have been made to save them.

The save or discard buttons.

Setting the release and claimable dates

  1. Add a Release and Claimable date and time in the Dates section.

    • The release date controls when learners can view and start working on the available credit.

    • The claimable date controls when learners can claim the credit.

  • The claimable date is not required and if not set, the credit and certificate will be available to learners on release.

  • If you set the claimable date it must be set for on or after the Release Date.

The Dates section on the Credit information page.

Notes and usage for the credits section

The Max Credit section is auto calculated by the Connect Content section, and is not editable.

Example, if you attach a single course worth 4 credits, the Max Credit section should reflect 4 credits, but if you attach two courses worth 4.5 credits each, the Max Credits section should reflect 9.

Adding tags

  1. Use the dropdown under Tag(s) and select relevant tags to add to the Education credit.

Adding Tags on the Credit Information page.

Adding a certificate

  1. Check the Reward Certificate upon completion checkbox and select a premade certificate from the Certificate dropdown if you want learners to be awarded a Certificate upon completion. Learn more about setting up certificates.

    • You can also create a new Certificate or edit the premade chosen one by selecting the link Edit with Certificate Builder under the certificate dropdown.

  2. Uncheck the Reward Certificate upon completion checkbox to remove any attached Certificate.

Adding a Certificate on the Credit Information page.

Attaching access passes

  1. Select the Toggle for Restrict claiming by Access Pass and select a Pass from the Access Passes dropdown to link an access pass to your education credit. Learn more about setting up access passes.

  2. Once toggled on; you can select the Toggle again to remove any Access Pass attached to the education credit.

    • New education credits default with this toggle-off.

Adding an Access Pass on the Credit Information page.

Clarification on attaching access passes

Attached access passes should have similar functionality and must either contain URLs or be connected to products.

For Example:

  • You Can attach multiple access passes with individual URLs to the same EC credit.

  • You Can attach multiple access passes with products connected.

  • You Cannot attach access passes with URLs and access passes connected to products to the same education credit.

Connecting content to education credits

  1. To attach connected content to an EC credit, navigate to the education credits page in Das admin.

  2. Select the education credit you want to attach content to and select the Connected Content tab near the top of the page.

  3. Select the Courses dropdown field to scroll through or keyword search to select courses from the dropdown.

  4. Connected Content will be listed under the Connected Content section at the bottom.

  5. Remove Connected Content using the X button to the right of each attached content.

Ensure you select the Save button that will populate in the right-hand corner once any changes have been made to save them.

The save or discard buttons.

Adding and removing Content on the Connected Content page.

Deleting existing education credits

  1. You will see a list of existing credits from the Education Credits' home page in Das Admin.

  2. Select a credit to access and manage its details.

  3. Once on the education Credit Info tab, you can delete the EC credit by selecting the Red DELETE EDUCATION CREDIT button on the bottom left side and confirming your choice through the subsequent popup.

  4. Once a credit is deleted, you are navigated back to the Education Credits' home page, and the deleted credit will no longer appear in the credits list.

The delete button on the Credit info Page.

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