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Meeting and messaging options

The JUNO team can help you configure elements of one-on-one meetings and direct messaging. These options apply to meetings scheduled through an attendee’s personal profile and meetings scheduled through exhibitor suites.

Scheduling workflow

If you don’t want people to be able to schedule meetings, you can turn them off completely.



One-on-one meetings

(error) Turn off meetings

An example meeting scheduling calendar. See the table below for details.

To schedule a meeting, users select a date and time from a calendar.




Calendar range

(info) Change the number of days into the future that someone can schedule a meeting. The default is 14 days.


Calendar block increments

(info) Change the default increment 15 min

Meeting length

(info) Change the length of the meeting that’s scheduled. Default is 15 min. This time will be blocked off on the user's schedule. Note that users can stay in a meeting longer than the scheduled time.

When someone is invited to a meeting, they normally have to click the Attend button add it to their schedule. You can change this:


Options (click to enlarge examples)

Accepting the invite

(plus) Automatically set a user’s status to Attending when they’re invited to a meeting.

Direct messaging

If you don’t want people to be able to send direct messages, you can turn them off completely.



Direct messages

(error) Turn off direct messages

When someone gets a message from another user for the first time, they normally have to accept their request before they can see the message. You can change this:



Accepting the request

(plus) Automatically accept messaging requests.

An example message request.

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