The JUNO team can help you configure elements of private meetings. These options apply to meetings scheduled through an attendee’s personal profile and meetings scheduled through exhibitor suites.

Scheduling workflow

An example calendar and calendar alarm. See the tables below for details.

To schedule a meeting, users select a date and time from a calendar.




Calendar range

(info) Change the number of days into the future that someone can schedule a meeting maximum 14


Meeting increments

(info) Change the default meeting increment 15 min

The calendar alarm notifies users when a meeting is coming soon.




Calendar alarm

(plus) Add alarm notification before a meeting
(info) Change how long before the meeting the alarm appears 30 min
(info) Change text Get ready for some awesome!" (30 characters max)

When someone is invited to a meeting, they normally have to click the Attend button add it to their schedule. You can change this:


Options (click to enlarge examples)

Automatic attendance

(plus) Automatically set a user’s status to Attending when they’re invited to a meeting.