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Configure pages and features

Every JUNO site comes configured with default settings based on common needs or best practices. But you can make changes to fit your needs! The guides below will help you answer the question, “Can I change that?”

When to use the configuration guides

Remember, the JUNO team will walk you through the most important decisions for your site. Most of these configuration options are supplemental and optional. But feel free to check out the guides to:

  • Find out if a specific design element or functionality can be changed.

  • Browse your options and get new ideas for your site.

The JUNO team makes these configuration changes on the back end unless otherwise specified in these guides. Tell your JUNO team representative about any configurations you’d like.

Configuration guides

Tips for using the guides

On each page, you’ll find screenshots that identify configurable elements. Below the screenshot, tables list available options for each element. Each option is marked by a symbol:

(tick) Select from multiple options

(error) Remove elements

(info) Change elements

(plus) Add elements

(minus) Control actions

A note about text elements: Most text on your site can be changed. But in these guides, we only list the most common changes. (For example, Change countdown timer text.) Don’t hesitate to ask about any other text changes you’d like.

A simplified example of what you’ll see in the guides.

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