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Real-time analytics options

The JUNO team can help you configure the real-time analytics dashboard.

(lightbulb) Before you begin

These configurable elements are part of the larger sitewide analytics dashboard. Learn more about all sitewide analytics.

Active Users

Though all data is tracked in the background, you can choose which data to display in the Active Users pop-up for easy viewing.



Active users pop-up

(tick) Choose a maximum of 4 categories to display in the pop-up. Each category is represented by its own graph.

How to choose categories

Any tag type that’s attached to users is an available category. Tag types are different for every platform, so check your list of tags or talk to your JUNO team to see what they recommend.

For example, a Professional Interests tag type shows how many users selected Leadership, Networking, or Public Speaking in their personal profiles.

Library Pages: Active Viewers

If you don’t use on-demand (library) pages on your platform, you might decide to remove this tile.



Library pages: Active Viewers tile

(error) Remove the tile

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