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Onboarding and personal profile options

The JUNO team can help you configure elements of the user onboarding form. Then you can decide which information shows up in users' full profiles and quick profiles.

Onboarding form

An example onboarding form. See the tables below for details.

Onboarding form fields

Choose which information users share when they create their profile:




Basic information

(info) Change heading text Basic Information (50 characters max)
(error) Remove any fields
(minus) Make any fields unclickable so users don’t change preset information


Additional information

(info) Change heading text Additional Information (50 characters max)
(info) Change or remove any fields
(plus) Add custom fields (answer format must be free text response)



(error) Remove field


My Availability and Away Dates

(error) Remove fields
(info) Change selectable time range in the Online at /Offline at dropdowns 5AM-9PM


Additional questions

(info) Change, reorder, or remove any questions
(plus) Add custom questions (answer format can be select one, select many, or yes/no)

These fields help users control their privacy:




Allow other people to message and meet with you

Select one:
(tick) Make on the default answer
(tick) Make off the default answer
(tick) Change the default answer depending on the user’s location (for example, USA or non-USA)


Share contact information (with exhibitors)

Select one:
(tick) Make with partners I’ve interacted with the default answer
(tick) Make with no partners the default answer


User agreement

(tick) Provide links to your user agreements
(info) Change text I agree to the Terms Of Service and the Privacy Policy. (100 characters max)

Other onboarding form settings



Password length

(info) Change the minimum password length 8 characters

Required items

(minus) Require attendees to fill out specific items
By default, the only required items are First and Last name, Email, Password, and agreement to the Terms of Service.

Force profile completion

(minus) Send users directly to their profile after logging in, to complete their information. (This is only necessary if you’re using SSO integration or API Registration integration. Users registering directly through JUNO are shown the onboarding form upon account creation.)

Personal profile design

An example full profile. See the tables below for details.

An example quick profile. See the tables below for details.

There are two views of a user’s personal profile: The full profile and the quick profile. The quick profile appears as a preview when attendees click on another user. Then they can view the full profile.

You can choose which elements show up on each profile view. Our recommendation is to only include the most important elements in the quick profile. The full profile can be more complete.




User information

From the Onboarding form fields that you chose to include, select:
(tick) Which information appears in the full profile
(tick) Which information appears in the quick profile


Contact buttons

(error) Remove scheduling button from either of the profile views
(error) Remove messaging button from either of the profile views

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