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Schedule page options

The JUNO team can help you configure elements of the schedule page.

An example schedule page. See the table below for details.




Search bar

(plus) Filter sessions by tags
(error) Remove search bar

(click to enlarge example)


Tab navigation

Add one or more tabs to organize by type of content:
(tick) All
(tick) My Schedule
(tick) Main Stage
(tick) Panels
(tick) Breakouts
(tick) … or any other content tags

(error) Remove icons (select from options provided by JUNO)


Secondary navigation

Add one or more tabs to organize the schedule by time:
(tick) Show all sessions
(tick) Show today’s sessions
(tick) Show sessions for specific dates (dates can be in any format)


Export my sessions

(error) Remove button to export a PDF of sessions you have added to your personal schedule


Who’s attending

(error) Hide attendee count wherever it appears on the site, including the schedule
(error) Hide attendee profile images


Add to your external calendar

(error) Remove button
(plus) Automatically add an alarm notification to Apple and Outlook app calendar events. (For online calendars, like Google, Office 365,, and Yahoo, users can create their own alarms during the calendar event creation process.)
(info) Change how long before the session the alarm notifies (default is 30 min)
(info) Change alarm notification text Get ready for some awesome! (30 characters max)

You can hide individual sessions from the schedule, even if they’re available somewhere else on the site:



Hidden sessions

(error) Hide specific sessions from the schedule

Sometimes people want to visit the information page for past sessions. They can find downloadable resources or additional information there even after the session ends. There are two ways to show past sessions on the schedule:



Past sessions

(plus) Show past sessions only after the last live session is over.
(plus) Show past sessions during the event. These sessions will appear in secondary navigation tabs labeled by date.

Normally, users have to open a one-on-one meeting to cancel it. You can make it easier for them to cancel it directly from the schedule page:



Cancel button

(plus) Add cancel buttons to the schedule page.

Can only be added to schedule navigation tabs that shows ONLY one-on-one meetings. Adding cancel buttons to a tab that shows other sessions (like keynote speeches for an event) allows users to delete those sessions from the platform.

Once a user adds a session or a private meeting to their schedule, they will get an on-screen reminder 10 minutes before it begins. You can change this:



Session reminder

(error) Remove the session reminder.

A session reminder appears at the bottom of the page. It says 'Up next - Writing Workshop' with a 9m 48s timer.

An example session reminder.

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