The social feed is the central place for attendees to interact during an event or year-round.

Make site-wide connections

Unlike session chats, the social feed is not tied to a specific piece of content. This means it’s a great place to interact between sessions or to have conversations related to the overall platform and event.

The feed looks and acts similarly to other social media sites. Anyone can create a post, Like a post, add comments, and reply to comments. Posts include text, images, and the ability to tag other users. Learn how to post in the social feed.

Global and group feeds

There are two types of feeds:

  • The Global feed is the main place for conversation. Anyone can see and create posts.

  • If your platform uses groups, each one can have their own Group feed. Only members of a group can access it. For example, a page called the Idaho Chapter Feed is only for those members.


Attendees can edit or delete their own posts. As a site admin, you have control of all content. You can delete any post.

Planning social feeds

Keep these guidelines in mind when planning to use social feeds:

  • You can add the social feed to multiple sites within your Single Destination Platform. But note that the content will be shared across sites. If someone posts to a feed on one site, people on the other site see it too. Attendees are only restricted from viewing content if they aren’t part of a group.

  • The feed is its own page on the site. It cannot be embedded on other pages next to other content. To make sure attendees can easily find it, we recommend locating it prominently in your navigation. Or place a banner advertisement on your home page that links directly to the feed.

Social feeds can be built to fit your needs! See your configuration options.