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Using the change log

This guide is designed to help admins effectively utilize the Change Log tab within the Importer tool. The Change Log tab provides a comprehensive record of imports, allowing you to keep track of changes made during the validation process and access valuable documentation.

Locating the Change Log Tab within the importer/exporter page.

  1. From the Das admin Importer/Exporter page

  2. Look for the tabs menu on the top left-hand side of the screen.

  3. Select the Change Log tab.

Reviewing the Change log in the Importer tool.

Imported Records

Columns, Sorting, and filtering options

  • In the Change Log, each column is labeled in bold at the top. To sort a column, hover over its name and use the Up and Down arrows. You can also filter and sort/unsort using the three-dot More menu.

Accessing the three-dot more menu to sort a specific column.

Date Created

  • Each import triggers the appearance of a new changelog entry in list format.

  • The entry includes the day, month, year, and time of the import.


  • The user's email who performed the import is recorded and displayed in the entry.


  • You can view the download type, such as, in the entry.


  • The status of all imports is indicated on the right under the Status section and includes, Error, Pending, Processing, or Complete.

Downloading entries

  • You can select one or multiple change log entries for download using the checkboxes along the left side of each entry.

  • Select Download Selection located in the upper-right corner, to initiate your download.

  • Each selected entry will be downloaded as a separate CSV file.

Downloading a selection of imported files.

Note that the downloaded CSV is not the same as the one originally uploaded, but includes any inline edits performed during the validation process. Learn more about using the importer's validation wizard for inline edits.

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