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Version 1.13

Release date: August 31, 2021

New and updated functionality

Improvements to the user and admin experience.

Live sessions

  • Made the session chat selectable so users can copy/paste text.

  • Added an option to start an archive recording when the session goes live and not capture green room activity.

  • Ensuring consistent moderator options across all attendee/speaker types publishing in a session.

Live sessions: Raise hand

Improved the workflow to help users understand what happens when they raise their hand in a live session.

  • The Join Session tooltip is changed to Ask to Speak.

  • Added confirmation modal asking the user if they want to share video + audio or audio only.

  • The user now has the ability to cancel their request to Ask to Speak.

Documentation: Ask to speak in a session

Live sessions: Video layouts

  • Sessions can be set to Grid Layout or Horizontal Speaker Layout.

  • When a speaker shares their screen, the video layout automatically switches to Horizontal Speaker Layout, if it was originally set to Grid Layout. When they stop sharing their screen, it returns to Grid Layout.

  • Added a new overlay to the Horizontal Speaker Layout to specifically indicate when there is no active speaker.

  • Made video layouts default, instead of needing tags in the content management system. See more below:

How video layout defaults and tags work

There are now only two video layout tags. They’re renamed:

  • Horizontal Speaker Layout (previously known as Best Fit or Tile)

  • Grid Layout (previously known as Ribbon or Speaker View)

Sessions now default to a video layout, without needing to add a layout tag.

  • Main stage and Panel sessions default to Horizontal Speaker Layout.

  • Breakouts default to Grid Layout.

  • Broadcasts and Archives respect these defaults as well as the tag specification.

If you want to override the defaults, you can add a Horizontal Speaker Layout or Grid Layout tag to any session.

Registration and onboarding

  • Reworked password reset process to add token-based password set/recovery/magic link functionality.

  • Added an option to force integrated and SSO users to complete their profiles.


  • New User Rate Card is added to the existing metric strip.

  • User can click on Today/One Week/One Month/All Time as a “preset” and data populates

    • Main Analytics

    • Content Analytics

  • Added new bar graph for total views & unique views grouped by time frame.

    • Tooltip hover that includes values of the corresponding bar.

  • Graph icon is added to session modules and provides summary per session. (Match icon/layout of Tracks in analytics.)

  • Delta is visible and delta icon matches rate of increase or decrease.

    • New User Rate

    • Session View Rate

  • Language updated on Main Analytics: Start Date is changed to Date Range.

  • Added clicks on the exhibitor Talk Now button to the Activity log.

Front end tools: Resources

Adjusted the default UI text in the Add/Edit Resources module. These changes make the upload requirements easier to understand.

  • URL is removed from placeholder text in that field.

  • URL is removed from the header.

  • (Max 10MB) is removed from the button label.

  • Field Label is changed to File (Maximum file size 10MB).

  • Image header is changed to Cover Image.

Front end tools: Sessions

  • Removed the option to turn off Archive (Save recording) mode in the front end session editor.

Exhibitors terminology

Made default language adjustments platform-wide:

  • Partners is changed to Exhibitors.

  • Members is changed to Representatives.


  • Added the ability to upload tracks and courses via the importer.

User interface design

  • Refined the Quick Profile user interface design.


Squashed bugs and resolved issues.

Version 1.13 fixes

The icon marks the most notable fixes for JUNO CSMs.

Live sessions

  • ✨ Adjusted 'Prioritize by Tag' functionality to ensure attendees are sent to sub breakouts as expected.

  • ✨ Corrected an issue with 99 users sometimes being brought to the pre-session landing page instead of into the session.

  • ✨ Corrected a condition that caused the Attendee counter to sometimes display an incorrect count when the maximum number of attendees has been reached or exceeded.

  • Corrected an issue with previously cleared chat notifications returning upon refresh.

  • Corrected live session chat notification icons reappearing after being cleared and revisiting the page.

  • Corrected an issue with the auto-start timer causing attendees to not be brought into session once it goes live.

  • Adjustment to prevent archived videos from always showing Picture in Picture mode when screen sharing.

  • ‘Pro tem’ pre-pagination adjustment to hide additional camera feeds beyond 5 in Horizontal layout

Live sessions: Cameras

  • ✨ Corrected an issue preventing a zero level presenter from enabling their camera during the post-preroll countdown.

  • ✨ Corrected a Speaker layout issue causing a moderator’s camera to display incorrectly if turned on before other attendees cameras.

  • ✨ Adjustment to prevent attendees from seeing the moderator’s video feed before preroll ends.

  • Replaced generic live session error message with custom messages relating to the specific cause of a user's hardware being unable to connect to the live stream

Live sessions: Preroll

  • ✨ Corrected an issue causing the green room preroll countdown timer to freeze and remain on screen when navigating to another page during the countdown.

  • ✨ Corrected an issue with emoticons not being available during preroll videos.

  • ✨ Adjustment to prevent preroll background screen from displaying below the live session box in breakouts for 99 users.

  • ✨ Corrected ‘Prevent Autoplay’ option not working for YouTube preroll videos.

Live sessions: Full-screen

  • ✨ Corrected an issue with improper fullscreen window sizing when in a session with multiple people publishing video.

  • ✨ Adjustment to prevent inconsistent layout behavior after expanding to full screen while a presenter is sharing their screen.

  • Preventing the "Exit full screen" button from remaining after exiting from full screen.


  • ✨ Corrected an issue with admin analytics button not working.

  • 'Unique Users' & 'Activity Log' buttons in front end tools -> Analytics are now responsive.


  • Adjustment to prevent the chatbot from remaining open after logout.


  • Corrected an issue with content sponsor links on library pages only functioning the first time.

  • Library Importer no longer adds a forward slash to the ID in Meta of an imported Vimeo video

Front end tools

  • ✨ Adjusted Allow Downloads toggle to prevent access to resources.

Meeting and messaging

  • ✨ Adjustment to ensure partner page representatives aren’t shown as available for Talk Now sessions when Do Not Disturb is enabled.

  • Schedule Meeting button is removed from quick profile for current user to prevent scheduling a meeting with yourself.

  • Correction for an issue occurring when a non-moderator attempts to change a scheduled meeting time they initiated.


  • ✨ Now adding leaderboard points for attending at session-end.

  • ✨ Ensuring leaderboard points are added for the following actions:

    • Emoji use

    • Raise hand action

    • Attending session start

    • Chat participation

  • Corrected an issue allowing leaderboard points to continually be increased each time the ‘Add Product’ button is clicked in a partner front end tools page.

Wistia videos

  • ✨ Corrected an issue preventing Wistia videos from being added via the CMS with ID or full URL.

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