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Version 2.2

Release date: March 24, 2022


Make connections in the forum

The forum is the new place for users to have group discussions. Admins create topics in the content management system. Then, within a topic, users create posts and comment on others' posts.

Forums enable connections beyond a single event. They give everyone a place to ask questions, share ideas, and tell stories. Conversations can happen slowly over time, as users contribute to a topic. Or they can happen quickly through back and forth messages.

Learn more: Forum, Post in the forum

The forum home page lists topics.

Users create posts within a topic.

Allow guests to preview your site

Make your site public to show potential users what they could get once they register, subscribe, or upgrade. They can navigate to other pages, but once they try to open or interact with content, they will be prompted to log in.

Or keep your site private so that users only see the welcome page before logging in.

If you have a multi-site platform, public and private sites can be combined in creative ways. For example, a year-round site could be private, for members only. But ticketed event sites could be public to allow the general public to preview the event and decide to register.

Learn more: Plan a multi-site platform

Add site-switching links in multiple locations

Site-switching links let users jump between different sites within your multi-site platform. Add links to:

  • The More menu. This is the best way to make sure people can always find other sites.

  • Navigation bars.

  • Modules. This is a great way to attract people to another site. For example, create a banner ad or pull a piece of content (like a session) from another site. When someone clicks the content, they will be taken to that site.

Learn more: Plan a multi-site platform

Keep all of your sites under a single domain name with multiple paths

Managing multi-site platforms just got easier.

Instead of purchasing and managing multiple subdomains, you can now create multiple sites under one domain. Each unique site is identified in the URL’s path. For example, and are two sites under the same platform. Choose a short but clear path name that helps users identify what the site is about.

Previously, you would have had to create two subdomains called and If your existing sites already use subdomains or custom domains, they will continue to function.

Learn more: Plan a multi-site platform

Other improvements


  • Site admins should now click the refresh button to manually update the real-time analytics dashboard. The auto-refresh has been removed. This makes it clearer to site admins when the last analytics “snapshot” was taken.

  • Improved the analytics pop-up panel design so that it is visible on small screens.

  • Design improvements to the analytics dashboard.

  • You can now paste a magic link on the mobile app splash screen to log in. This means that if your magic link doesn’t work just by tapping it on your mobile device, you can manually copy and paste it into the app as a workaround.



Version 2.2 fixes


  • Adjustment to prevent a session from ending if its duration was set to be shorter than its preroll or prerecord video.

  • Corrected an issue causing a session in the OTSession or IRLSession bucket to show as canceled when inactive.

  • Corrected an issue causing a user to be brought into a session by clicking ‘Attend’ or ‘Attending’ (unattend) in the My Schedule page.

  • Corrected an issue causing the preroll countdown timer and autoplay to not function correctly.

  • Corrected a condition that could break live session chat for users in more than one cohort.

  • Corrected an issue with 1:1 Chat preventing the caller from connecting to the session.

  • Corrected an issue with users not seeing all of the attached sessions to a cohort when members of more than one group.


  • Corrected an issue preventing speaker preview URLs from loading properly.


  • Corrected an issue causing an edited post’s image and comments to not display after editing until refresh.

  • Corrected an issue causing a user’s post to hide on refresh.


  • Corrected an issue causing resources uploaded to a partner page to not be able to be downloaded.

Personal profile

  • Corrected an issue with the Profile page displaying combo tag types description twice.

  • Corrected an issue that could cause inaccurate ‘required field’ warnings when updating details on the profile page.

  • Corrected an issue resulting in tag buttons that have been previously checked to report a false ‘checked’ status.


  • Analytics page adjustment to ensure that as a user’s browser window resizes (or mobile view selected), the tiles will now resize elegantly and will no longer cover other elements on this page.

Image sizes

  • Adjustment to courses in the progress header to be 16:9 aspect ratio.


  • Corrected an issue preventing rotator navigation from functioning properly.

  • Corrected an issue with the show-5 rotator skipping a batch of content.

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