The forum is a place for users to have group discussions. Admins create topics in the content management system. Then, within a topic, users create posts and comment on others' posts. Forum tags can be added to both topics and posts.

Have topical discussions year-round

Unlike session chats, the forum is not tied to a specific piece of content. This means it’s a great place to have conversations year-round.

In the forum, anyone can ask questions, share ideas, and tell stories about a topic. Conversations can happen slowly over time, as users contribute to a topic. Or they can happen quickly through back and forth messages.

The forum home page lists topics.

Users create posts within a topic.

Forum or feed?

The forum and social feed might seem similar, but they can serve different purposes.

We recommend using the forum for longer-term conversations that are focused on a topic. It’s great for 365 sites! The social feed works well for live updates and spontaneous conversation, making it a great tool for events.

Create topics

Forum topics are determined ahead of time by organizers. Here are some suggested topics, based on our industry templates:

Educational (Medical): Health Policy, Diversity, Wellness
Educational: Topic Discussions, Chapter Discussions, Introduce Yourself, Help Desk
Trade Shows: Keys to Success in Virtual and Hybrid Trade Shows, Trade Show Tech, The Future of Trade Shows (or The Future of Your Trade Show Name)
Courses and Lessons: Community Discussion, Assigned Topic Discussions, Job Board

The JUNO team will help you build the topics in the content management system. You should provide this information for each topic:

  • Title (100 characters max)

  • Abstract, which shows up below the title (250 characters max)

  • Tags (These are optional. Learn more about forum tags below.)

Create forum tags

Tags let users filter topics and posts and view trending tags. Learn more about filtering with tags.

Tags can be:

  • Added to a topic when it’s created. The JUNO Success team will do this in the CMS.

  • Added to a post by a user.

To use tags in the forum, you must define a special set of forum tags. When users add a tag to a post, they will only be able to select from the forum tags you defined.

Provide the JUNO team with a complete list of forum tags to add to your CMS. Make sure to define which tags should be added to each topic.


Attendees can edit or delete their own posts. As a site admin, you have control of all content. You can delete any post.

Forum notifications

Users receive platform notifications and a weekly email about activity in the forum. Learn more about the forum digest email, including your configuration options.

Planning a forum for a multi-site platform

You can add the forum to multiple sites. But note that the content will be shared across sites. If someone posts to the forum on one site, people on the other site see it too.

The forum can be built to fit your needs! See your configuration options.