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Get exhibitor analytics reports

Exhibitor representatives with admin rights can download these analytics reports.

Find analytics

Analytics are at the bottom of your exhibitor suite or in the Analytics tab of the editor. Choose a Date Range to view quick statistics or download reports.

Below a time frame drop-down menu, a few quick statistics display. Below that is a list of buttons to download analytics reports.

The difference between Unique Users and Unique Views

There is sometimes a difference between the number of Unique Views and Unique Users. That’s because they are calculated differently. This is what each one means:

  • Unique Users: Counts the number of unique people who interacted with the content while logged in. Interactions could happen on the content page (like commenting) or outside of the page (like clicking Attend on a session from the schedule). For this reason, Unique Users might show a larger number than Unique Views.

  • Unique Views: Counts the number of unique people who visited the content page while logged in.

Are logged-out users counted?

On a public preview site, content can be previewed by users who are logged out. The “Total” counts (like “Total Downloads”) do include these logged-out users. Unique Views and Unique Users do not.

What is included in downloadable reports?

All reports include user ID information and a time stamp in addition to the information described below.

Attendees can choose to hide their contact information from exhibitors. Those attendees will show up as anonymous in analytics reports.

Unique users

Reports user ID information of each person who visited or interacted with the page while logged in. User ID information includes first and last name, email, company, tags, and other contact information.

Activity log

Visitors can take different types of actions. The activity log reports each action with user ID information.

  • Viewed: When a user views a piece of content.

  • Poll questions and answers.

  • Resources downloaded.

  • Favorited content.

  • Clicks on the Talk Now button.

Clicks log

Reports all clicks on links to external sites and content.

Poll responses

Reports poll questions and answers. This includes multiple question types like fill in the blank, rating, and multiple choice.

Downloads log

Reports resources that were downloaded.

Comments log

Reports comment threads and responses, if comments are enabled.

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