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Speaker and moderator FAQ

Questions for JUNO

Which browser should I use?

We recommend Google Chrome.

Is there a call-in line if I can’t join from a computer?

No, but you can join sessions from your smartphone by going to the site on your mobile internet browser.

Note that you can’t use the mobile app because it doesn’t support live video and audio streaming. If you go to a session on the app, select the link in the description to open in your mobile internet browser instead.

How do I log in as a speaker or exhibitor instead of as an attendee?

You don’t need to! The site knows when and where you’re a speaker or exhibitor.

Do I have to convert times to my time zone?

No, all times around the site are automatically shown in your time zone (as it’s set on your computer).

Check your computer’s clock! JUNO sets your time zone based on your computer, so it will be incorrect if your physical time zone is different than your computer’s. Learn how to change your time zone for Mac and Windows.

How do I start the pre-roll video for everyone?

You don’t need to! Everyone starts the video on their own when they enter the session. They’ll click the video to start playing the video or audio. The timing is synchronized as if the video is live. For example, if someone enters three minutes late, the video starts at three minutes.

You can play and watch the video along with everyone else. Then when it ends, all you need to do is turn your camera and microphone back on to start speaking to the audience.

Is there a private chat for moderators, speakers, and staff?

Yes, the Mod chat is a tab on the right side of the chat window. Only people with special permissions for that specific session can see it.

Is there private messaging between users (whispers)?

Not within live sessions. But people can use the site Directory to find other attendees and send direct messages.

What happens when I Kick or Ban a user?

Kick removes the user from the session. Ban removes them from the platform. To undo a ban, contact the JUNO team. Learn how to kick or ban users.

What happens if we go over the session's time?

You can continue to speak and nobody is removed from the session. The timer changes to Past instead of Live, and it notes how long you’ve gone over.

Do you have training videos?

Yes! See Training videos for exhibitors, speakers, and session moderators.

Questions to ask your event organizer

Answers to these questions are unique to each event. Your organizer can help!

  • When will I get access to the site?

  • What login information will I use?

  • Will I have moderators?

  • Who will run my slides?

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