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Windows 10 Sound Solutions

Check windows volume slider

  1. Click the windows volume icon

  2. Make sure the volume slider is not turned all the way down

Check that the right input & output device is selected

  1. Type in the search bar: Sound Settings

  2. Under the |Output| section make sure the correct device is selected

  3. Under the |Input| section make sure the correct device is selected

Resync Bluetooth device

  1. Open up Bluetooth settings

  2. Under Audio select your Bluetooth device

  3. Click Remove Device

  4. Click Add Bluetooth device or other device

  5. Make sure your device is turned on and discoverable.

  6. Select your Bluetooth device below when it pops up

Check for Windows updates

  1. Type in the search bar: Check For Updates

  2. Click Check For Updates

If there are any updates install them.

Run the audio troubleshooter

  1. In the windows search bar type: Troubleshoot settings

  2. Open Troubleshoot settings

  3. Click Additional troubleshooters

  4. Click Playing Audio

  5. Click Run the troubleshooter

Restart the Windows audio services

  1. In the Windows search bar type: Services

  2. Open services

  3. Scroll down to Windows Audio Endpoint Builder

  4. Right-Click the services and click Restart

Restarting the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder will force the restart of other dependent services

Restart Windows

  1. Right Click the Windows logo to the bottom left

  2. Select Shut down or sign out

  3. Click Restart

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