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How sessions work in the app

You’ll notice sessions work a bit differently in the app than they do on a desktop computer.

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Chat in the app while at a session in-person

If you’re at a session in-person, you can use the app to chat with other audience members. If the session is hybrid (both virtual and in-person), the conversation will also include people watching the virtual stream at home!

Go to the Schedule to find the session. If it hasn’t started yet, tap the Attend button to add it to your schedule. Once the schedule says it’s Live, tap to open the session.

See Use the schedule to learn more.

There are a few tabs at the top of the session: Chat, Q&A, Polls. Tap to switch between them. (Some sessions might not have all of these tabs.)

  • In the Chat, type a message and tap Send. Anyone using the app or watching virtually from home sees your message.

  • In the Q&A, submit questions you’d like the presenter to answer.

  • In the Polls, answer questions that presenters or moderators have posted.

Join virtual sessions from your mobile device

When attending sessions virtually, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for the best streaming experience.

But if needed, you can use your mobile device. (You will use your mobile internet browser because streaming isn’t supported on the app.)

Note that screen sharing is not supported on mobile browsers (both tablets and phones).

Here’s how to do it:

Before you begin
For the best video quality, we recommend using the Google Chrome internet browser. Download it here.

  1. In the app, go to the Schedule.

  2. When the session is Live, tap the session to open it.

  3. If the chat panel is open, tap X in the top left corner to close it.

  4. Under the session title, tap Watch the live stream. This opens your mobile web browser. There, you can watch, listen, and turn on your camera or microphone (if you have permission). See Turn your camera and microphone on or off to learn more.

Get more information about a session

Tap the X in the top left corner to close the chat panel.

This reveals additional information about the session. Tap a speaker or sponsor to learn more about them. Or tap the speech bubble icon to reopen the chat panel.

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