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Group options

The JUNO team can help you configure groups and the group page. Learn more about groups.

Assigning users to groups

Users must be assigned to groups by site organizers. They do not choose their own group. There are multiple ways to make assignments:

  • Manually create groups and assign users in the CMS.

  • Use the JUNO user importer to assign user emails to groups. They can be groups that already exist on your platform, or new groups that will be created upon import. You can specify the names of new groups.

  • During the SSO or API registration integration process, assign users to groups.

Group page

Users must be a member of the group to see the group’s page.

An example group page. See the table below for details.

These page elements are standard:

  • All group members are listed at the top of the page.

  • The Popular Posts feed displays posts from the group feed. The height of this section is dependent on the height of your group photo and text description. As users create more posts, it fills up and scrolls as needed.

You can configure these elements:




Required content

(info) Select a group name.
(info) Add a photo and text description. We recommend a horizontal photo.


Optional modules (rearrange, add or remove these)

(tick) Metadata: Social and external links.
(tick) Group’s content: Displays sessions or other content types that are attached to the group
(tick) Sessions members are attending: Displays sessions that members have selected to attend.
(tick) Top users: The top 8 group members are sorted by number of leaderboard points (Can increase the number up to 15 people.) Or, if there are 15 or fewer group members, all of them can be displayed, sorted by first or last name. All members are still always listed at the top of the page too.
(plus) …And more! Talk to the JUNO team about any module ideas you have.


Group leaderboard

(error) Remove the group leaderboard if your platform doesn't use group competition. This removes the button on the home page (shown above) as well as the team standings tab in the leaderboard.

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