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Version 2.0

Release date: January 12, 2021

This release is packed with new features! We will update existing sites to this version more slowly to allow for the extra care needed.


Introducing the JUNO companion mobile app

The mobile app is here! It’s built for hybrid events and enriches both the in-person and virtual experience. Learn more about it here: Overview of the mobile app. Want to check if a feature is supported? See our guide to Mobile app features.

Log in without a password

There are now two ways to log in:

  • Magic links are now the primary way to log in. With a magic link, you can forget about usernames and passwords. Just click or tap the link in your welcome email, then you will be transported to the site and automatically logged in… like magic!

  • Email and password is a secondary option. This is not configurable. Instead, it’s the user’s choice to set a password. Note that passwords only work for JUNO web (on your desktop or mobile internet browser). The mobile app requires a magic link.

Learn more here: Log in to your account.

Connect with other attendees in the global and group feeds

Site-wide sharing and conversations can now happen in the feed, at any time during the event or year-round.

  • In the global feed, anyone can post photos and text, as well as respond to other attendees' posts.

  • Group feeds are only accessible to users that are assigned to that group. For example, members of a regional association chapter.

Group home page

Group home pages are now a central connection point for group members. They can only be accessed by members of the group. Use them to stay connected during the event and year-round.

The page layout and features are similar (but not identical) to exhibitor suites. They are configurable with various modules. For example, a regional association chapter can host information, images, resources, and a list of group members on their page. Popular posts from the group feed are displayed, along with a link for easy access to the conversation.

An example blank group home page (click to expand).

Chat with your group in sessions

You can now privately chat with other members of your group during a session. Switch between chat channels using the dropdown menu.

Real-time analytics

You can now view real-time analytics in the site admin dashboard. These numbers show what’s happening now. Note that the data refreshes every few minutes, rather than updating immediately.

  • Total count of active users on the platform.

  • Total count of live sessions happening on the platform.

  • Total count of overall session attendance.

  • Breakdown of individual sessions with a count of active viewers.

  • Total count of active users visiting library pages.

  • Breakdown of individual exhibitor pages with a count of active viewers.

Find everything in the More menu

Side navigation now contains a comprehensive list of navigation options, instead of just “extras.” It’s divided into sections that can be configured based on your site’s needs.

This new menu design makes the switch between desktop and mobile experiences seamless. No matter your screen size or where you are on the site, you can find what you need in the More menu.

An example side navigation menu (click to expand).

Manage multiple sites under one platform

We can now manage client platforms in a dynamic and automated way.

Previously, only one version of an event site could exist at a time. Now, a single client platform can contain multiple sites with different configurations. The JUNO team manages this internally with flexible tools that let us:

  • Manage Single Destination Platforms (365).
    A platform might contain a year-round site and multiple event sites. Instead of breaking down the site and rebuilding for every event, we can now switch fully configured sites on and off with ease.

  • Manage seasonal looks or brand campaigns.
    A 365 site can change appearance throughout the year, even if the content stays the same. We can set up these looks ahead of time and time it to automatically switch on a future date.

  • Create special user views.
    We can assign users to see different versions of a platform at the same time. For example, site admins can have a different view than regular attendees during an event.

  • Manage event exposure.
    Special user views are also useful before an event, while you’re still building the final site. For example, give exhibitors a curated experience while they set up their suites. Or make a stripped-down experience for all attendees before the event.

  • And more! We hope to collaborate with our clients to discover creative ways to manage your platform.

Learn more here: Plan a multi-site platform

Other improvements


  • When a session with many streaming users overflows onto multiple pages, people now are sorted alphabetically by first name, starting on page two.

In-person only sessions

  • In-person only sessions now have chat, poll, and Q&A.

  • In-person only session pages can now be edited using the front-end editing tools.

  • The chat panel is now open by default for in-person only sessions in the mobile app.

Exhibitor suites

  • Rotators now support Video JS. Previously, they only supported videos from Youtube, Wistia, Brightcove, or Vimeo. Now, you can insert an s3 link or another hosted video link.


  • Users can now be assigned to multiple groups (previously known as cohorts).


  • The tracks breakdown and progress report now counts the number of users who enrolled in the course, whether or not they completed it.

  • Now hiding all user information on exhibitor analytics reports for users who choose to share their information "With no partners." Note that site admins can still view this information.

  • Adjusted session analytics to show when an attendee joined and left a session.

Design improvements

  • Your personal profile, CE credits, notifications, messages, leaderboard, and accessibility settings are now listed in a drop-down menu under your profile photo.

  • Made analytics reports download buttons consistently sized.

  • When analytics data takes time to load, a loading icon now appears.

  • Update to pagination UI to adjust arrow colors and appearance.

  • Reduced size of speaker highlights from 10px to 5px and blur from 6px to 2px.

New configuration options


  • You can choose to hide the chat channels dropdown menu.

  • The live attendee counter now defaults to on. This means that the attendee count changes as people enter and leave a session.

  • You can choose to set the live attendee counter off. This means that the attendee count only changes when an attendee is “officially” attending a session:

    • They added it to their schedule.

    • Or they join a session after it begins (which automatically adds it to their schedule). In this case, the page must be refreshed for the counter to update.

  • You can choose to change the color of links in the session chat.


Version 2.0 fixes


  • Corrected an issue that allowed the mobile app to attempt to load the live session instead of the preview page only.

  • Corrected an issue which would sometimes cause display issues with the attendee list after having invoked the miniplayer.

  • Adjustment to prevent users from potentially getting sent to breakouts that have already ended.

  • Corrected an issue that causes the live session Polls tab to initially open automatically if a poll has ever been posted.

  • Corrected an issue with the Q&A notification icon sometimes not displaying in the chat box.

  • Corrected an issue with the scroll function not working in the live session ellipsis menu.

  • Corrected a minor typo in the Session Welcome text.

  • Corrected an issue with Bluetooth headphones not working in live session on android phone.

  • Removed the ‘Polls’ tab from the chat panel in sub-breakouts.

  • Corrected an issue with no individual full screen toggle icons appearing on users upon mouseover in live Sessions.

  • Removed the ability to hear live session audio from the session preview page in the mobile app.

  • Correction for the Ask Presenter popup covering moderator tools.

  • Reworked emoji menu to include only standardized icons.

  • Adjustment to the Broadcast layout for better performance.

  • Corrected an issue with some sessions opening to a blank page on the mobile app.

  • Corrected an issue causing voting on questions to reset all users view back to the top of the Q&A chat panel.

In-person only sessions

  • Corrected an issue with IRL sessions preview page showing the "This Event is Full" messaging.

Personal profile

  • Corrected an issue with forcing users to complete profile upon login which left the user stuck on the profile page after completing all fields.

  • Corrected an issue with the profile page not displaying a user’s information in the Basic Information section.

  • Changed "Allow members to contact me" text to "Privacy Settings" in the profile screen.


  • Corrected an issue with Library or Partner page comment threads being in reverse order when expanded.

  • Corrected an issue in the iOS app causing an error when publishing a comment with the word ‘and’ with a space before and after the word.


  • Corrected an issue preventing direct messages from being saved if sent prior to the receiving user accepting the chat request.

  • Corrected an issue which would prevent users from receiving notifications for new chat requests received while offline.

  • Adjusted the language of the Direct Message description from ‘Chat’ to ‘Conversation’.

  • Corrected an issue which could duplicate schedule buttons on the splash page when inviting others to a scheduled event.

  • Corrected an issue with the Directory page not dynamically resetting when text in the search field is cleared.

Schedule widget

  • Corrected an issue causing HTML code to be displayed on the schedule widget.


  • Corrected an issue with download events sometimes being reported on booths the events are not connected to.

  • Adjustment to reports queries to prevent content analytics requests from being slow or timing out.

  • Unique Users report will now report for the selected date range instead of all time.

  • The ‘quick analytics’ numbers (total views, unique views, etc) will now respond to date range selection changes, matching the download reports.

  • Corrected an issue with the Unique Users report returning tags that are not on the profile page.

Front end editing tools

  • Corrected an issue preventing meta data added through the front end tools to not be saved and to sometimes duplicate existing meta data.

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