Test your audio and video before the day of the session

Click the Profile icon in the navigation bar to go to your personal profile. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to Test Your Setup. Your computer will run a test to ensure all of your equipment is working properly.

See more setup and troubleshooting tips.

Add your session to your schedule

Search for your session in the site schedule. Add it to your JUNO schedule and optionally add it to your personal or work calendar.

Use a profile photo if you don’t want to be live on camera

If you don't want to be live on camera, you can turn off your camera and leave your microphone on. Your profile photo will show up instead of your live video. Make sure your profile picture is square for it to show at its best.

When to enter your session

You can enter your session before it starts. This time is called the greenroom. Usually, it’s thirty minutes early, but this might vary. Your event organizer can confirm the exact time.

Use the greenroom time to check your microphone, camera, and screen sharing. Make sure to “Allow Access” to your camera and microphone if prompted. Attendees can’t hear or see you until the session starts.

We suggest completing your greenroom time several minutes early. Some attendees' computer clocks are set a few minutes ahead, so they might be able to enter the session early and see people in the greenroom. Because we can’t control user’s clocks, the best practice is to turn off cameras and microphones early. You can still chat privately in the Mod tab.