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Know before you go: Checklist

Prep for your event or live session ahead of time with this checklist.

Basic setup

Special prep for exhibitors, speakers, and moderators

Internet connection

  • Make sure your internet is connected. A wired connection usually works best.

  • If using wireless internet, make sure you are as close as possible to the router.

  • If you are on-site at an event, connect to Wi-Fi for a better mobile app experience. There might be two different Wi-Fi networks available. For example, one for the hotel and one created just for the event. Try both to make sure you’re on the stronger connection.

  • Test your setup with the TokBox pre-call test. (You can test again during the event by going to Test your setup at the bottom of your personal profile.)

To troubleshoot, see: Trouble watching videos, Troubleshoot app connection and performance

Audio sources

  • Plug in and connect your headset and/or speakers.

  • Connect your microphone.

To troubleshoot, see: People have trouble hearing me or Trouble hearing other people


  • If you are using an external webcam, make sure it is connected.

  • Clear your camera background of any obstructions and make sure it looks presentable.

  • Set up your virtual background, if you’re comfortable downloading and setting up third-party apps like ChromaCam or OBS.

  • If you don’t want to be live on camera, upload a profile photo. Then you can turn off your camera and leave your microphone on. Your profile photo will show up instead of your live video. Make sure your profile picture is square for it to show at its best.

To troubleshoot, see: My camera doesn't work

Screen sharing


  • If you’re using a VPN, you might need to disconnect it during live sessions and video meetings for the best experience.

When to enter your session as a speaker or moderator

Speakers and moderators should enter your session before it starts. This time is called the greenroom. Usually, it’s thirty minutes early, but this might vary. Your event organizer can confirm the exact time.

Use the greenroom time to check your microphone, camera, and screen sharing. Make sure to Allow Access to your camera and microphone if prompted. Attendees can’t hear or see you until the session starts.

We suggest completing your greenroom time several minutes early. Some attendees' computer clocks are set a few minutes ahead, so they might be able to enter the session early and see people in the greenroom. Because we can’t control users' clocks, the best practice is to turn off cameras and microphones early. You can still chat privately in the Mod tab.

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