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Greenroom checklist

The JUNO support team uses this process to prepare a session before it starts. Other support staff are welcome to use it as an example.

Some details should be adapted to your team’s communication process. For example, the checklist says, “tag the Client Success Manager in the internal channel.” Internal channels are only accessible by the JUNO team. Instead, you should follow the escalation process outlined by your team.

Escalate issues

Our issue escalation procedures are documented here: Gameday issue escalation process

1. Join the session

  • Join 30 minutes before “live” unless noted otherwise by the CSM (Client Success Manager). 30 minutes is the default.

  • Introduce yourself in the Mod chat. For example, "Hello everyone I am name with JUNO and will be available throughout the session to help with any issues or questions you may have!”

2. Check the content

  • Test Chat by sending a simple message. Then delete it so that attendees won’t see it.

  • Check for Polls by selecting Choose a question to send. If there are any polls in the list, make sure you can send them. If polls are missing, add them in the session editor.

  • Check for Resources by scrolling down the page. If there are any, select them to make sure they download correctly.

  • Select Edit to check more content.

    • Check that the Presenters section matches what is on the Run of Show. If it does not, tag the lead CSM in the internal channel to verify who should be a presenter.

    • Check for Pre-roll and note the length. Learn how to check the pre-roll.

      • If the length is greater than the session time, tag the lead CSM in the internal channel to verify that you can extend the session.

    • Select Return to page to leave the editor.

3. Get ready for speakers

  • Put yourself on screen in a presentable and professional manner, so that speakers know somebody is there. You can use a profile image in place of a video.

  • Let the Internal Slack channel know that you are in the greenroom.

  • If no speakers arrive by the 15-minute mark, tag the CSM in the internal channel and let them know. For example, “15 minutes left in the greenroom for session link and I have not seen missing speaker.”

    • You may also optionally alert the Gameday channel.

4. Check video and audio with speakers

5. Review session features with speakers

Walk through these features if they are applicable to the session:

  • Breakouts: Walk through how it works. Send attendees to breakout rooms

  • Raise Hand: Walk through how it works from both perspectives.

  • Q&A: Walk through how it works. Make sure they understand their different options and how to respond by text. Let the speaker and their moderator decide how they want to handle questions.

  • Poll: Have the speaker send a poll. Then delete it so that attendees won’t see it. (It can be resent again at the right time.)

  • Mod chat: Verify that they see the Mod chat, and tell them that’s where they can reach you. Tell them it’s a private chat that’s only available to speakers, presenters, and site admins. Attendees can’t see it.

  • Pre-roll: Walk through what the transition will look like. “Abrupt” is a good word to describe the cutoff. Transition from pre-roll to live: Support guide

6. Leave the screen

  • Announce that you’re leaving the screen now. Remind everyone that you’ll be there and available in the Mod chat.

  • Leave the session: More > Leave > Continue Watching

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