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Review a meeting

You can leave a review after a one-on-one meeting.

(lightbulb) Before you begin

Depending on how your organization sets up the platform, you may or may not be able to review the meetings you attend.

Review the meeting right after it ends

If you can review a meeting once it ends, a pop-up will automatically appear.

  1. A popup automatically appears at the end of the meeting.

  2. Choose a star rating and write a review (optional).

  3. Select Submit.

Reviewing a meeting.

Review the meeting later

  1. Open the meeting’s information page by finding the original meeting notification in one of these places:

    1. Notifications inbox: Select your profile image in the top-right corner then select Notifications. Scroll to find a notification about the meeting Select it to open it.

    2. Or your email: Open the email notification and select View Meeting at the bottom of the email.

  2. Select Review.

  3. Choose a star rating and write a review (optional).

  4. Select Submit.

Reviewing a meeting after it passed.

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