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Version 2.3

Release date: May 20, 2022


Easy-to-see session timer for backstage users

The session timer now appears at the top of the chat panel. Only people with backstage permissions can see it (like speakers, moderators, and site admins). If they switch between the Chat, Q&A, Polls, and Mod tabs, the timer remains visible.

The timer still appears below the stream as well, visible to all users.

Get forum updates in a weekly digest email

The new forum digest delivers forum content to users' inboxes. It includes comments and replies on posts, new posts in followed topics, and other new posts.

Learn more: Email templates

An example forum digest email.

Preview content on public preview sites

This was released with version 2.2.6, a patch release. We’ve repeated it here for visibility.

On a public preview site, content can now be previewed by users who aren’t logged in. Previously, you could not click into content; you could only see navigation pages.

Previewing a piece of content means that:

  • You can click into it and view most of it. Some parts of it are hidden.

  • You can’t interact with it. For example, you can’t add a session to your calendar.

  • When you try to interact, you’re prompted to log in.

  • You can click external links. For example, a link to someone’s social media page.

By default, all content on a public preview site is previewable. But you can choose to make individual pieces of content NOT previewable. You can also configure specific elements within content.

Learn more: Preview options for public preview sites

An example content preview page (on-demand content).

New configuration options

  • You can now configure the access level alert message in a newly designed pop-up.

An example access level pop-up.

  • You can now choose to edit the tile titles on the real-time analytics dashboard. You can also remove the Library Pages: Active Viewers tile if your platform doesn’t have any on-demand content. Learn more: Real-time analytics options


Version 2.3 fixes


  • Corrected an issue that sometimes caused a user promoted from a raised hand to join with audio only when the Video + Audio option was selected.

  • Corrected an issue that sometimes caused a user promoted by a moderator from the Attendee list to join with audio only when the Video + Audio option was selected.

  • Corrected an issue with the live session chat channels dropdown covering the chat pane.

  • Adjusted chat pane behavior to prevent posted or submitted questions from scrolling out of view as new questions are posted.

  • Corrected an issue with the Delete Question button not removing the Ask Presenter pop-up.

  • Corrected an issue with the prerecord video controls not working for the Brightcove video type.

  • Corrected an issue causing a kicked and banned user’s chat messages to return upon refresh.

  • Added a check to ensure Speakers aren’t counted against a session limit. This applies to speakers whose user account is tied to a speaker profile and who did not click Attend for the session. They can now join their session regardless of the number of attending users.


  • Corrected an issue with content in the featured rotator on Partner pages getting cut off by the comment section.


  • Corrected magic link expiration notification to advise how to get a new link.


  • Corrected an issue with internal meta routing when deep linking. Instead of being routed to the home page after logging in, users are now directed to the correct page assigned in meta.

  • Improved functionality for rotators with videos embedded.

Site admin dashboard

  • Corrected an issue with Partner and Speaker image icons not loading in the admin Content Browser.


  • Corrected an issue with blurb clicks not always being tracked in existing analytics.

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