For questions about how to add content to your exhibitor suite, please see:

Questions for JUNO

Which browser should I use?

We recommend Google Chrome.

How do I log in as a speaker or exhibitor instead of as an attendee?

You don’t need to! The site knows when and where you’re a speaker or exhibitor.

Do I have to convert times to my time zone?

No, all times around the site are automatically shown in your time zone (as it’s set on your computer).

How many rotator slides can we have?

Your event organizer might limit the number of rotator slides. Otherwise, see our recommendations.

How many resources can we have?

Your event organizer might limit the number of resources. Otherwise, see our recommendations.

What are the image dimensions?

See our image and content sizes for exhibitor suites.

How can I see who visits my exhibitor suite?

You can download your suite's analytics during and after the event. This includes a list of unique visitors. Only representatives from your team with admin access can download analytics. Find them in the Analytics tab of the suite editor.

How can I set up meetings with Visitors?

There are two ways that meetings happen: First, visitors can schedule with you from your suite. Second, if you want to schedule a meeting with a visitor, search for them in the directory. For example, you might search for someone you discovered in your analytics report.

Where do these meetings take place?

All meetings that are scheduled on the site happen on the site. You and the visitor will enter a private breakout room where you can turn on your camera and microphone, share your screen, or send messages in chat.

Can I invite additional users to the 1-on-1 meetings?

Yes! See Invite others to a meeting.

Are exhibitor trainings recorded?

Yes! Your trainer will give you a password to access your recording. See Attend a live training session for a link to the recordings archive, as well as other details about JUNO training sessions.

Our recording archive is new! If you attended a training session before October 12, 2021, your event organizer can help you get the recording.

Questions for the event organizer

Answers to these questions are unique to each event. Your organizer can help!

  • When will I get access to the site?

  • What login information will I use?