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Log in with a magic link (web)

Use a magic link to log in to your organization’s website on your desktop or laptop computer.

You can also use your mobile device’s internet browser (like Google Chrome). However, we recommend using the mobile app for the best mobile experience. Learn how to log in to the mobile app.

What is a magic link?

A magic link lets you log in without a password. Tap the link, then you will be transported to the site and automatically logged in… like magic!

Once logged in, you can open and close the platform at any time. If you ever log out, go back to your magic link and tap it again.

Where is my magic link?

Your magic link is sent to your email. Look for:

  • The welcome email from your organization. They send it when you register for the platform or before an event.

  • Or an email titled New Magic Link. You get this email when you’ve reset your magic link.

Don’t have one of these emails? Get a new magic link.

When you get a magic link email, we recommend:

  • Save the email in an important place in your inbox.

  • Make sure that you always have access to the email address that you’re registered under. If your login has to be reset, a new email will be sent to that email address. For example, if you're registered under your work email, make sure that you can access it from your desktop and mobile phone.

Log in

  1. Open your magic link email on your desktop computer.

  2. Select the Magic Link.

  3. The site automatically opens and you’re logged in.

Magic links expire after three days for security reasons. This time frame might be different depending on how your organization sets up the app.

Don’t worry if your magic link expires! The platform automatically helps you reset it.

  1. When you select an expired magic link, you are automatically sent to a landing page. It tells you that a new link was just sent to your email.

  2. Open the new email. It’s usually titled New Magic Link.

  3. Select the Magic Link.

  4. The platform automatically opens on your device and you’re logged in.

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