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Log in with a preset password (web)

For some events, you receive a preset password from your organization. You can use it to log in to your desktop, laptop, or mobile internet browser. To log in to the mobile app, you must use a magic link instead.

1. Log in with your preset password

  1. Go to the site URL that your organization provided in your welcome email.

  2. Select Login.

  3. Select Log in with email and password.

  4. Enter the Email and Password that your organization provided.

  5. Select Login to enter the site.

2. Set a new password (optional)

If you change your password, make sure it’s something you can remember.

  1. Select the Profile icon in the navigation bar.

  2. Select My Information.

  3. Type a password in the Password and Confirm Password fields. Make sure they are identical.

  4. Select Save at the bottom of your profile.

My password doesn’t work!

Whether you forgot your password or something’s just wrong, you can always get a new magic link to log in without a password.

After that, you don’t need a password. You can enjoy the event without one and log in with the magic link at any time. But if you prefer, you can set a new password. Remember that you still need to use the magic link to log in to the mobile app.

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