Joining the session

Click on a session when it is Live to join it. Inside the session, you can watch and listen to presentations and participate in chat. 

You may or may not see additional controls, depending on which permissions you have. For example, in a keynote presentation, audience members can’t turn on their microphone or camera. Learn more about what you might be able to do in a session:

Join a session

Check remaining time

A timer with the word Live shows the time remaining until the end of the session. Find it in two locations:

  • In the top right corner above the chat panel. (You can only see it there if you have backstage permissions.)

  • Scroll down to the bottom right corner below the presentation. (Anyone can see it there.)

If the timer reaches zero, don’t worry! The session does not close. Everyone remains in the session, and the timer begins counting up, showing how much time has passed since the official end of the session.

Find the timer above the chat panel.

Scroll down to find another timer.

Leaving a session

  1. Click the More button in the lower left-hand corner to the right of the raise hand icon.

  2. Click Leave.

  3. If you have your camera or microphone on you will see three options in the popup window, if you are not publishing you will see two.

    1. Continue Watching - will remove you from the screen and let you fishing watching the presentation

    2. Return Home - Will load the event home page and remove you from the screen

    3. Nevermind, Cancel - will cancel the leave request