You can download analytics reports for individual content pages. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get sitewide analytics or request additional analytics from the JUNO team.

(lightbulb) Who has access?

Find analytics on content pages

Analytics and downloadable reports are near the bottom of each of these content pages:

  • Sessions

  • In-person sessions

  • Exhibitor suites

  • Speaker pages

  • On-demand content

  • Courses

Choose a Date Range to view dynamic statistics. Or download reports.

What is included in reports?

All reports include user ID information and a time stamp.

Note that attendees can choose to hide their contact information from exhibitors. Those attendees will show up as anonymous in the exhibitor page analytics reports.

Unique users

Reports user ID information of each person who visited the page. This includes first and last name, email, company, tags, and other contact information.

Activity log

Users can take different types of actions on each page. The activity log reports each action with user ID information. For definitions of each action, see Understand activity reports.

Clicks log

Reports all clicks on links to external sites and content.

Poll responses

Reports poll questions and answers. This includes multiple question types like fill in the blank, rating, and multiple choice.

Downloads log

Reports resources that were downloaded.

Comments log

For session pages

For exhibitor and on-demand pages

Reports comments in the chat window during a session.

Reports comment threads and responses, if comments are enabled.

Q&A log

For session pages only. Reports all in-session questions, without the answers. Answers and upvotes are currently only displayed in the Activity Log.