This article is about the new JUNO learning management system (LMS). If you don’t see these features on your site, your platform still uses the legacy JUNO courses.

Some lesson settings lock (cannot be edited) after the course starts. This article explains why, when it happens, and how you can unlock it.

Before you begin

Enrollment also locks, but that happens on the enrollment close date. See Enroll, unenroll, and waitlist learners to learn more.

Who can edit lessons?

Why we lock lesson editing

Locking lesson editing prevents issues with inaccurate grading. This could happen if you alter a lesson after a learner already completed it.

When does it lock?

The lock begins on the course’s start date, which is set in the Course Info tab.

Which settings lock?

Only a few important lesson settings lock. Here are the details:

(error) You can’t…

(tick) You can…

  • Create new lessons.

  • Delete lessons.

  • Reorder lessons.

  • Create new lesson parts.

  • Delete lesson parts.

  • Edit question lesson parts, which includes:

    • Add a question title, description, and question type.

    • Set a score and correct answer.

    • Add, delete, and reorder answers.

  • Edit lesson information, like the title, slug, abstract, description, and image.

  • Set a passing percentage.

  • Toggle grading on and off.

  • Reorder lesson parts.

  • Edit video and blurb lesson parts.

If you edit grading settings after the course start date, you should recalculate grades in case learners already started the course.

Unlock lesson editing

If you need to unlock editing for the settings listed above, there is a workaround.

How you do it depends on the status of the course. Look for an orange, red, or green colored dot at the top of the page in the course’s editor. Then look at the table below to find out how to unlock editing.

The status isn’t visible while you are editing a lesson. Go to the Lesson Plan or Course Info tab instead.

Where to find the course status.


When it appears

Are settings locked?

How to unlock editing

🟠 This course is live but no learners have started yet. After adjusting the course dates, you may still edit all course and lesson details.

After the course start date

Yes, see the list above.

Edit the start date so that it’s in the future.

🔴 This course has active learners in progress. Some parts of a lesson can no longer be edited.

After the course start date, and when at least one learner has already started the course

Yes, see the list above.

Unenroll all learners, edit the start date so that it’s in the future, then re-enroll learners.

🟢 Feel free to edit anything, this course hasn't started yet!

Before the start date


No need! If you’re having trouble editing something, please reach out to your site organizer or the JUNO team for help.

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