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View and contact active visitors

You can see who’s in your exhibitor suite right now and contact visitors first.

View active visitors

To use this feature, exhibitor representatives with admin rights should turn on the Visitor Awareness action in the exhibitor editor.

Expand the chat panel by clicking the Chat icon on the right side of your suite.

A chat icon sits in the top right corner of the exhibitor suite. It has notification bubble attached to it that indicates the number 1.

Toggle to the People tab to see everyone who’s in your suite right now. Visitors and exhibitor representatives are both included. Representatives are marked with an Exhibitor badge.

Normally, this tab is only visible to exhibitor representatives and site admins. Talk to your site admin if you’d like visitors to see it.

Contact visitors

Wherever you see someone’s profile photo, click it to open their profile. You can Send a message or Schedule a meeting as long as that person allows people to contact them.

Find visitors in these locations around your suite:

  • In the People tab. Contact them while they’re active! When they leave your suite, they disappear from the list. If needed, you can always download a list of past visitors in an analytics report.

  • In the Chat or Comments section. These people make great contacts because they were engaged in conversation.

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